Become a dealer of Cannabis Light | Wholesale of CBD Cannabis Light

All you need is a VAT number to be able to have access to all prices reserved for professionals.

If you have a VAT number and you want to start selling industrial hemp products like inflorescences of CBD cannabis light, you don't need any type of authorization, you just have to be in compliance with your VAT number in order to resell any type of retail or wholesale product.

On you will find very competitive prices always taking into account the quality of products at 360 degrees.

We offer different methods of purchase as different formats that will be listed below:

- PACKAGED: 2 grams - 5 grams - 10 grams 
- BULK: 25 grams - 50 grams - 100 grams - 250 grams - 500 grams - 750 grams - 1 Kg.......
- CUSTOMIZED: It's possible to pack in your name, graphics to choose between ours or yours if you have, all the information will be given in private.

To conclude a purchase you have to spend at least € 150 and remember that shipping is always free. smiley-wink.gif

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