Feminized Cannabis CBD Seeds

Where To Buy Feminized Industrial Hemp Seeds?

It is never easy to find Industrial Hemp Seeds with Tag, and finding them feminized is even more difficult.

Thanks to the partnerships with various manufacturers of Industrial Hemp, Canapath wants to remedy this exhausting research by offering the possibility of being able to find certified Cannabis Light seeds throughout the year.
Among the different varieties, the Feminized Seeds of CBD Cannabis stand out, sold with a regular tag issued by Authorized Farm.

In addition to the classic genetics sold by weight and mixed in males and females, we have available selected and feminized genetics such as the Strawberry.
Every trade name always refers to certified genetics, in this case we have only genetics from Carmagnola and in fact this Genetics is declared in the tag.

The price is much higher than the classic seed, they can range from €3.50 per seed up to €5.00 and the minimum purchase is 100 seeds. The price varies according to the period.

The quality of the Inflorescences produced by these seeds is not comparable to the classic plants because they are seeds specially selected from the best production strains. These are results that can only be achieved over time by isolating the best mother plants.

Below the list of Certified CBD seeds:
Name CBD THC Genetics
Insomnia 12% <0.2% Carmagnola
Cheesecacke 15% <0.2% Carmagnola
Gelato 12% <0.2% Carmagnola
Fruit Lemon 12% <0.2% Carmagnola
Sour Tangie 10% <0.2% Carmagnola
Blue Cheese 12% <0.2% Carmagnola
Bananas 15% <0.2% Carmagnola
Sweet Cake 10% <0.2% Carmagnola

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It is never easy to find Industrial Hemp Seed with Tag and finding them feminized is even more difficult.