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Kit Cannabis Inflorescence packaged products as follows:

 BANANAS 1g - 4 pcs
 INSOMNIA 1g - 4 pcs
 STRAWBERRY 1g - 4 pcs
 BANANAS 3.5g- 1 pcs
 INSOMNIA 3.5g - 1 pcs
 STRAWBERRY 3.5g - 1 pcs
 FORBIDDEN FRUIT 3.5g - 1 pcs
 MOUNTAIN HASH 2g - 4 pcs

Wholesale Legal Hashish CBD 13% Bananas

Legal CBD Hashish obtained from the resin of our Bananas, with a soft aroma that reminds the Banana Smash Cannabis. This is one of the best CBD Hashish that you can find on the market. Rich of CBD and countless plant properties given by the Marijuana Light resin.

  • Bananas Hash: CBD 13% - THC 0.4%
  • BOX: from 25 grams

Legal Hashish Mountain Hash CBD - Wholesale CBD

Our Cannabis Light Mountain Hash is obtained from an accurate sieving of Carmagnola Certified inflorescences. The product is then pressed and divided into blocks of 100 grams each. The color and the scent are typical of the classic hashish and in contact with heat sources it splits until it returns to its natural state.

  • Mountain Hash: CBD 10% - THC 0.2%
  • BOX: from 25 grams

Cannabis Light Forbidden Fruit CBD - Wholesale Legal Marijuana

Our Marijuana Light Forbidden Fruit is an Inflorescence of Cannabis Sativa L. produced in Italy. A unique variety obtained thanks to a specialized company that has dedicated several years of studies to the improvement of this species (Carmagnola) which is now called Forbidden Fruit. Its scent is markedly fruity, with fresh and penetrating notes. Surely this product will not disfigure in your dispensary and you will offer a product that is highly appreciated among the lovers of the sector.

  • Forbidden Fruit: CBD 10% - THC 0.3%
  • BOX: 1 gram - 3.5 grams